Creative Spirit Craftivism:

Autumn Equinox Goddess Shrines

This online Creative Spirit Craftivism workshop was held during the Autumn equinox weekend, Sept 24-25, 2022. However you can still join in a self-guided experience with 4.5 hours of recorded instructions and demos, downloads and extensive kit.

Even though the workshop filled, I have four kits remaining because I was able to make extras! This listing will remain live until those kits are claimed.

The best way to replace toxic patriarchy is not by trying to tear it down, but by loving that which we prefer into being. Conscious crafting of objects representing the Divine Feminine is a powerful way to broadcast the energies that build a new, more balanced world, and this is the intention behind the Women’s Creative Spirit Craftivism workshops. And what better time to support bringing balance than the equinox?

In this Creative Spirit Craftivism: Autumn Equinox Goddess Shrines workshop you’ll learn more about a variety of goddess archetypes in multicultural mythology, get a personalized message from the Divine Feminine and create a meaningful shrine designed to hang on a wall or display on an altar.

This workshop is open to women.

We will: 

  •  Explore the strengths of the feminine principle as expressed in a variety of cultures.
  • Create a mini shrine for displaying your beautiful mini statue as a reminder of the divine attributes that the Eternal Feminine offers.
  • Enjoy symbolic and meaningful crafting that contributes to the dissolution of toxic patriarchy and the creation of a more balanced world
  • Relax in the sisterhood of a soulful gathering of women as you refresh your spirit.
  • BONUS: at the end of the workshop each participant will receive a beautiful 15-page pdf booklet with detailed info about each of the goddesses represented in the event.

On Saturday, attendees will explore the qualities and messages of each goddess through interactive sharing, and then see demos on a variety of techniques which can be used for decorating your shrine. Then the creativity begins! Meryl Ann will answer questions about goddess lore and art techniques and will guide you in customizing your shrine. Some participants may complete their project by the end of Saturday’s workshop, and others may want to continue afterwards.

Goddess figures included in the kits for this workshop include: Sarasvati, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lakshmi, Parvati, Joan of Arc, Diana, Isis, Durga and Virgin Mary. Which one wants to be yours?

On Sunday, those who wish, will reconvene for further answers to questions about techniques and a time for sharing: what did you intuit from your goddess while you were working? Did you get a dream message overnight? How does it feel to contribute to social activism through happy creativity? The soulful sharing of women in community is part of what builds a better world.

Kits will be mailed via Priority Mail to US addresses. Locals can pick up kits if desired.

Kits include:

An exceptionally high quality, faux ivory, three-inch goddess statue (chosen for you in a blind selection process which allows the Divine Feminine to provide you with exactly the sacred figurine that is meant for you. Retail value approx. $24, examples shown at right)

The rest of the kit includes over $35 worth of craft tools and decorating materials, including:

Unfinished wood shrine box with hanger and goddess stand

Sticky-back holographic prismatic foil, four different colors

Doo-mamas — the feminine version of “doo-dads,” this is a bag chock full of a wide variety of fun, crafty items you might like to use in decorating your shrine, including charms, rhinestones, trims, ribbons, several bead lengths, Mother-of-Pearl buttons, tassels, unfinished wood shapes, rescued jewelry, beads, fabric flowers, and more. 

Sponge brush, high quality mini crafting mat

An assortment of printable patterns, templates, stencils, planning supplies and images to use to plan and decorate your shrine in a pdf along with further details about supplies. (This will be available for you to download upon registration.)

 A beautiful 15-page pdf booklet with information about each of the goddesses. (Sent separately: please email me at [email protected] after you register and I will email it to you.)

KIT fee (value over $60) is $46 plus shipping. Choose what you wish to pay for the workshop recording and downloads. The Kit fee of $46  plus postage is added to each sliding scale fee for the grand total.

Note: You will receive a link to the 4.5 hour recording from Saturday’s workshop. (The short gathering on Sunday was personal sharing, and that recording is not available.)

I will do a 10-20 minute private Zoom with self-guided registrants at no additional fee, either before, during or after your personal exploration! Just email me and we will set up a time. If you decide to explore this with another friend or two, the time is cumulative and I am happy to meet with both/all of you!

Standard Level: $91 plus kit fee of $46 = $137

Abundance  Level: $117 plus kit fee of $46 = $163

Scholarship Level: $52 plus kit fee of $46 = $98

Craftivism is an enjoyable and rewarding form of activism: you will have fun crafting an object of beauty while the creative vibrations you raise ripple out to bring more feminine balance to the world. Groups of women engaged in joyful and loving creativity together are powerful agents of change!

(Above and below) Saraswati hanging shrine, she is the goddess of creativity and the arts.

(Above and below) Cosmic Kuan Yin standing shrine. Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion.

The stunning goddess figurines we use in this workshop are made with love and care by Mission Studios, examples are shown above.

Goddesses included in the kits for the Equinox Goddess Shrines workshop: Sarasvati, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lakshmi, Parvati, Joan of Arc, Diana, Isis, Durga and Virgin Mary. 

Who chooses the particular goddess you get?  It’s a magical process! I fill all the packages and seal them, and mix them up so I don’t know what’s in each one. When an order comes in, I call on my intuition to choose which package wants to go to that particular person–so that is how the right goddess finds her home with you! 

(Above) The unfinished wood shrine frame and the statue before decorating.

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