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Sketchbook and Art Journal Reunion

Tuesday, October 12

7 pm

This fun event is open to all participants of Meryl Ann’s online or in-person Journal /Sketchbook / Mini-book workshops or ATC workshops to get help with your continuing project and it is open to any students who are considering signing up for an upcoming journal/sketchbook class.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead: Create a Paper Nicho

Choose between two times: (or come to both!)

Sunday afternoon Oct 31; 2 pm – 4 pm EASTERN

Monday evening Nov. 1: 7 pm – 9 pm EASTERN


We will celebrate the Aztec/Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a multi-day holiday honoring the lives of departed loved ones with this 2 hour workshop. You’ll make a folk art-style nicho or two like the one shown here to honor a departed loved one (human or furry), to memorialize a favorite celebrity or honor an idea or concept. Choose your own image or use those supplied, such as La Catrina shown.

Mini Sketchbook Course

Recurring Workshop

Next Date To Be Announced

Have fun creating a small but fun and artsy sketchbook!

This course will meet online for 5 sessions over an 8 week period, sessions will be recorded for students who are unable to attend the live sessions. Class size limited.

Chiaroscuro and the Masters of Dramatic Light and Shadow

Recurring Workshop

Next Date To Be Announced


The use of chiaroscuro is a classic technique used by artists through the ages to create stunning effects. Find out how these masters manipulate values to create drama – and discover a few lesser-known female artists on the journey!

Decoding Your Horoscope: Edgar Cayce's Mystic Vision

Recurring Workshop

Next Date To Be Announced

And I am partnering with astrologer Stephen Poplin for an Edgar Cayce related exploration of your horoscope. After Stephen helps you discover secrets in your natal chart based on Edgar Cayce’s unique approach to astrology, I’ll be guiding you in creating your own colorful collage with the easy-to-use templates provided via pdf. Your personalized image symbolically depicts the varying levels of planetary influences in your horoscope. Colors and symbols are the language of the soul and your personal collage is designed to awaken deeper understandings while you create it as well as afterwards as you use it as a meditation focus or display piece. 

Inner Light Mandalas

Recurring Workshop

Next Date To Be Announced

Using Prismacolor pencils on black paper, first-time students learn to create a magical sense of glowing light and a Hands of Light mandala. Students who have taken this workshop previously will continue work on unfinished pieces or begin intermediate or advanced projects.

World Labyrinth Day

To Be Announced for 2022

You will see a slide presentation filled with amazing information and gorgeous images, and you will have the opportunity to finger-walk printed pdf labyrinths in unison with others around the world, followed by a time for sharing.

American Impressionists in Spain…and More

Recurring Workshop

Next Date To Be Announced

Peek into the “somewhat unexplored waters of Spain’s influence on American art of the 19th and early 20th centuries” as we tour the spectacular exhibition, “Americans in Spain: Painting and Travel, 1820-1920.” Whether you attend this outstanding exhibit in person or not, this virtual tour offers exciting background and insights into the artists and art world of the time. It features a previously lost Mary Cassatt painting which was rediscovered in 2018 and on public display for the first time in a century!