Stephen Poplin and I are happy to invite you to our exciting online workshop.



First, Stephen will guide you in discovering secrets in your natal chart based on Edgar Cayce’s unique approach to astrology, including planetary sojourns and influences, horoscope interpretations, personal gifts and even the endocrine system and vibratory centers. 

You’ll uncover which planets you have “visited” between lifetimes as Stephen synthesizes his decades of experience in practical astrology with Cayce’s cosmological world view. He will decode Cayce’s unique insights for evaluating the balance of planetary influences and assist you in clarifying this information in your own natal chart.

Then, I will guide you in creating your own colorful collage with the easy-to-use templates provided via pdf.  This personalized image symbolically depicts the varying levels of planetary influences in your horoscope. Colors and symbols are the language of the soul, and your personal collage is designed to awaken deeper understandings while you create it, as well as afterwards as you use it as a meditation focus or display piece on your altar or wall. 

No artistic experience is required – if you can cut and paste, you can do this! And, once you have learned how to evaluate your natal chart to create your own collage, you’ll be able to make more as gifts for friends or loved ones.

More info and registration is at this link on Stephen’s site: