Thank You! Let’s Get Started.

Please read the instructions on preparing your artwork images for upload.  This helps ensure the best quality outcome video for you.

  • If your phone has a water and dust resistant phone case, often photos will be clearer if you remove the case.
  • Gently removing dirt from the lens with a soft brush or Q-tip can result in clearer photos. 
  • Ensure the light on your artwork is not too harsh or too dim. A diffused light source (such as indirect light coming in from a window; for instance—through a north light window if in the Northern Hemisphere) is preferable to a direct light source (such as a spotlight shining on the artwork).
  • Typically, taking photos of artwork outdoors on an overcast day offers the most accurate image in terms of color and value, (although digital photography has increased the accuracy of indoor photography.) 
  • Avoid glare on the artwork. If the artwork is in a glass frame, removing the glass will result in a better image.
  • Never use flash. 
  • It’s best to avoid using the zoom function (unless you use optical zoom.)
  • Adjust the angle of your phone or camera so that the sides of the artwork are parallel with the edges of the viewfinder, as shown.

  • Double check your image against the actual artwork for accuracy before uploading it.
  • You can upload a maximum of three photos of individual 2-D works (plus a bonus image if desired, as per upload instructions). 
  • If you want to include detail photos, for best results please take a clear, in-focus, closeup photo of the detail area (rather than simply enlarging an area of the full image and cropping it).
  • Providing photos of your source material is important if you would like assistance in adjusting your work to look more like your source material. (Source material is whatever you used as a guide or inspiration: perhaps a photo, or a still life you set up, or other image. This could be combined images, such as a photo of a person combined with a photo of an interior. In this case, please include both images.)

  • If your source material is a Bargue plate, you don’t need to upload the plate, we have them. Please just give the number of the Bargue plate 

Once You Are Ready, Upload Your Images Here