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Upcoming Workshops: Times and Dates TBA

Learn by copying: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Poppies
You’ll learn Meryl Ann’s valuable methods as you paint a copy of Oriental Poppies, 18” x 24.”
The initial underpainting is done in acrylics in order to create depth of color, the top painting is done in oils for ease in blending. Copying from the Old Masters is one of the most basic traditional learning methods – in fact, the reason art museums were founded was in order to provide great works for art students to copy!

Elements of Art: Keys of Color

Students receive a pdf of Meryl Ann’s  30-page workbook, Elements of Art: Keys of Color, and during workshop times, will complete the color charts that accompany the workbook. Students go at their own pace. Supplies: a set of gouache (not acrylic gouache) and brushes.

Drawing Tips and Secrets

Demos and hands on activities to train you eye and hand, and a peek into some of the secrets the Masters used for accuracy in drawing.