Amazing Seminole Patchwork Skirt at RISD

by | Jul 10, 2022

This gorgeous Stomp Dance Skirt for Green Corn Ceremony was made in the 1960s by Peggy Jim Osceola (1932- ) an Independent Seminole who lives in Florida. This skirt is in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art collection.

Stomp dances are the introductory dances at the yearly Green Corn ceremony, which marks the renewal of seasons and expresses gratitude to the Creator for the harvest.

Seminole patchwork is made by sewing together long strips of fabrics, then slicing the sewn strips, repositioning the slices, and sewing them together again into more detailed strips. These strips are usually paired with rickrack trim, as seen here.  The sewing machine made this process manageable, although it is still a lot of work – I have used this technique, and it is time consuming but very satisfying, and gorgeous, once complete!