Fabulous Needle Felted Fiber Art & a Creative Gallery

by | Jul 3, 2022

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I visited Mark and Angie Setevdemio’s lovely gift shop and gallery in Ashburnham, MA, Creative Connections. The current art show features amazing needle felting by Lyn Slade.

Needle felting is labor intensive, but also meditative and relaxing.  The special needles used have notches along the shaft of the needle that catch the wool roving fibers during repetitive “stabbing,” which tangles them, transforming an undefined wad of raw wool into a dense, sturdy felt.  This enable the artist to create inviting and textural images.

Above is a detail of  Lyn’s “Ocean Sunset” (also below left), her Precious Pollinators is below right.

In addition to lovely gallery space, the Creative Connections gift shop is carefully curated with artsy gift items and unique culinary specialties.

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